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Saturday, March 29, 2008


I am getting very frustrated with the weather. The sun only seems to come out when I can't get to the plot. When I set aside time for it the rain arrives. Take today for example.......the afternoon it rains. I have done a bit of potting on in the polytunnel here at home but otherwise nothing.

After I got rid of the chest infection I have only once been to the plot....and harvested rhubarb and broccoli. I had a good look round and other than a bit of weed removal it looks OK. The early spuds are not showing yet, but otherwise everything is as normal.

In the tunnel I have a lot of seeds germinating, and with a little warmer weather I will be able to pot them on, or harden them off ready to go outside. The peas have germinated well. These will go into beds at home....hopefully next week.

During the school holidays I have three teen aged boys coming to stay. These are great fun to have around, but I shan't get much done at the plot that week so must get ahead during this coming week. Hoping for some good weather!


At 29/3/08 2:45 pm, Anonymous easygardener said...

I agree the weather is frustrating. A bit of sun gets us all excited but as soon as we plan something outside down comes the rain. It's just happened to me today. So annoying!

At 29/3/08 3:51 pm, Blogger Greenmantle said...

Take it easy in this damp air Lily...I'm no stranger to chest infections, and now get regular Bronchitis which I attribute to not staying in the warm often enough when I was "coughing my last" in the past.

This weather is much better suited to seedlings than sowers, so have a cup of tea and some rhubarb crumble, and read a few seeds catalogue instead.

Er.... Sorry if I sound like someones Mum!


At 29/3/08 6:58 pm, Blogger VP said...

I totally agree. I'm about a month behind because of various illnesses last month and don't seem to be catching up at all this month :(


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