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Monday, March 03, 2008

Pumpkin "Pink Banana"

I just want to give a plug for a Pumpkin I grew last year called Pink Banana. I got the seeds from Sarah Raven.

We cut up and cooked the last one yesterday....March 1st. It was perfect! It had been kept on the windowsill in our N facing sunroom (actually it gets the sun early and late which suits me fine!) since October last year.....four months!! (It was very decorative too!?)

I shall certainly grow these again this year. The bigger orange pumpkins may be showy, but I put off cutting into them because there is far too much flesh for me to use up when only one of us eats it! We had company yesterday; and this was just perfect for 6.
PS This is not my photo....I lifted it off the web. I actually didn't give mine any support last year, but I will this time.
PS 2. I scooped out the seeds and roasted them.....not a success. They exploded all over the oven! I don't know whether this was because they were old, or because the seeds from this one don't roast well. I'll try again this year and see. (We love roasted pumpkin easy to do and so scrummy to eat!)



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