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Friday, February 29, 2008

Gardeners' World gets an allotment!

In Cleve West's blog (unfortunately discontinued today) he mentions that Gardeners' World particularly Joe Swift, have taken on an allotment! Looks like the programmes will be more interesting than usual this year!!!!

It is a one hour programme tonight...and I expect I'll have to put up with the quiet chorus of "plunts", repeated every time she says it, by my husband!

9pm and I have just watched the programme.....and I'm disappointed! They didn't do the Allotment bit, other than a shot of Joe Swift wrestling with a huge rotovator and slip-sliding all over what looked like solid yellow clay. (I wouldn't have brought all that to the surface if it was my'll take years to produce anything....!)


At 2/3/08 9:21 am, Blogger Matron said...

I am looking forward to seeing Joes allotment too. In my opinion there are too many flowers and not enough veggies on GW. I remember thinking he will be in trouble using a rotavator. I decided to be lazy one year and hire a rotavator. It minced up all the dock and dandelion so that I had 1000 small plants instead of a dozen big ones! Big mistake.


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