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Monday, February 25, 2008

Allotment Plan for 2008

Prompted by another blog I read ( ) I have discovered a garden planning website ( that permits free garden planning for a 30 day period. I have been playing with it this evening and have entered last years crops on the site, and then endeavoured to plan this year's crops. This is the result.
The site is clever in that it warns you when you are planting things in the same spot two years running.

I have only guesstimated the size of the beds, so the tools which give ideas of how many plants to have are a bit out, but this that I have done will do for now.
The tools are quite easy to master and I think I may re-do this tomorrow as I already see things about this first attempt which are a bit of a mess and which I'm sure I can improve.
And I have to do one for the back garden too!
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At 25/2/08 10:20 pm, Blogger angelfeet said...

Your plan looks good. I haven't managed to scan mine in yetm but I shall follow your lead.


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