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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A full day of gardening, at home and at the plot.

I am so stiff I can hardly move! That's because I have gardened with my lazy body all day and now I've stopped it's hurting. But I have got such a lot done that I don't care. It'll be ready to go again in the morning so I'm not bothered.

Firstly I did the greenhouse beds with Jeyes fluid. Then I spread the bagged manure all over them.
Then I sowed my sweet peas, verbena bonariensis (want them for the re-modeled front garden), and started the shallots off in modules. They need a bit of help as they are rather late going in (should have done them in October!). They are the ones I kept from last years crop to start off this year. They are about an inch diameter and I got so fed up with peeling them for pickled shallots (DH's favourite) that I decided to plant them rather than eat them.
I have a few more (about 100!) that are even smaller and there is no way I'm going to peel them. I think I might plant them too just to see whether they grow a bit or whether they will just make hundreds more tiny babies...!
After that I finger weeded two more of the deep beds. The first bed was the one with the onion sets (Radar) planted out last Autumn. They are only about 10% up. I think the others will have rotted. I will get some sets of another variety to augment them March I think. I can't really justify leaving them in the bed as they are so sparsely scattered. I'm tempted to move them all up to one end.
I chose the Radar ones to be cropping just when the last year's main crop of onions run out....looks like we'll be disappointed.

The other bed that got "cleaned was the leek bed. I pulled out all the ones that were going to seed, and the biggest ones for soup tomorrow. I left a few finger sized ones for another day. That bed is now ready for whatever comes next in the rotation....I think it'll be runners.

DH mowed the front lawn and I mulched the strawberry bed, cleaned yesterday and already being used by grateful cats as a latrine, in an attempt to stop the cats' attentions.

This afternoon I went to the plot and hoed a bit more and cleared the bed ready for the spuds. I'll put the first earlies in that bed next week when the moon is waning!!

I also started sieving the compost ready to go on that bed. It is lovely stuff.

And I tidied the shed out. It needed it. I can now lay my hands on whatever I need at a moments notice.

Now I deserve a cuppa and a sit down before it is time to start on dinner.....!

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At 19/2/08 6:16 pm, Blogger robbinscabin said...

A really great post. I found it through Blotanical picks. You might want to write a title for your posts though. So the readers have an insight to what you're writing about each day. Good luck!

At 19/2/08 9:40 pm, Blogger Belinda said...

Wow you are working much harder than me. I will use you to motivate me further although we have a thick frost and fog at the moment. Oh well I will crack open another bottle of wine and pray for spring. Keep up the excellent blog!

At 19/2/08 10:19 pm, Blogger robbinscabin said...

Hi lilymarlene,
Thanks for visiting my site. I'm pretty new to Blogging myself but I'll try to walk you through it. When you're posting a new blog post you should be looking at a box with two tabs across the top (edit html & compose). You should automatically be on the Compose tab. To the left of those tabs is Title: followed by a box. Click in the box and enter your title. You can even go back and edit your old posts and add titles to them as well. Your posts are so well done that I hate to think others aren't finding them because of the lack of a title. If you need any more help with your blog I'd be happy to help.

BTW, feel free not to publish this in the comment section. Just wanted to lend a hand.

At 20/2/08 1:39 pm, Blogger Matron said...

It has been that kind of inspiring weather these past few days hasn't it! such a satisfying feeling to stand back and see the progress you have made, a good days' work! Not at all like pushing papers across a desk! Did you get lots of birds (robins) paying attention to you? I did!


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