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Monday, February 25, 2008

Sore back, hips, knees, ankles and wrists!

Following on from my tiling marathon on Saturday, I had to further exert myself yesterday afternoon when the manure was delivered to the plot......or rather to the hauling way 60 feet from the plot. Four of us shared two loads, but one didn't turn up (so I paid for his and we all moved his bit to his plot.....we hope he is suitably embarrassed!)
The muck is lovely, and I now have a pallet-compost-bay full, plus a couple of barrowloads tipped on the spud-bed-to-be.

And...the sweep came this morning at 8am to do our one chimney. I asked if he'd let me have the soot and have got about a quarter of a bin-bag full. I believe it is beneficial for onions so will take it to the plot later. However the sweep also said that it is good for roses. You take a heaped dustpanful and sprinkle it round each rose. He said it will help them by making the soil acid, and it will stop blackspot. We'll see! I have one or two roses which had blackspot last year so I'll give it a go.

And, because I am so so so stiff from yesterday there will be no gardening today even though the sun is shining and the temperature climbing by the minute. So I will possibly get round to doing the proper copy of my garden plan for this year. We'll see!!



At 25/2/08 1:43 pm, Blogger Mary Beth said...

Love your tip regarding the chimney soot and roses! What about the fireplace ashes? There's just so much of it and I never know what to do with it - sometimes it gets scattered somewhere in the yard and other it's into the garbage.

At 25/2/08 2:05 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I would only keep and use wood ash. he ash that results from a coal fire is only good for path making. When we were kids we lived in a house with a big garden, and there wasn't the money for paving slabs or even shingle for paths. All of ours were made by taking the ash pan to the path area and spreading it. This went on for years. I don't believe we ever had enough to make all the paths we needed.
My paths here are shingle. But I suppose if I was to pour the ash from our coal fire on it it would sink through when it rains to produce a nice soiless layer to deter weeds from growing in the paths. I suppose I should try a little area to see.


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