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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A "flower" planting day.

Today was a "flower" day so I started off some Limnanthes Douglassii, marigolds, tagetes and sunflowers in the tunnel in modules.
After that I felt it was time to plant out the strawberries along the edge of the path in the tunnel.
Then it seemed a good idea to try out the irrigation system. I thought one of the hoses might be blocked because there was no noticeable flow when I turned on the water butt tap. The mains worked a treat, but then I realised that the drip hose on the LH bed was unholed for the first 10 feet......doh! So I found a brand new seep hose in the shed and installed that. It works fine. Now it is rigged up again to the back roof water butt and when it next rains all the water from the back roof will end up in the tunnel. (I checked the downpipe fitment that routes the water into the butt and it was partially blocked.....that explained the lack of water to the tunnel when it rained the other night.)

Also in the shed was another downpipe fixture which I'll install on the pipe that takes the water from the front roof. I have a spare water butt to rig up under that one and will join that into the system too. I really don't want to be using mains water if I can help it.

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At 5/3/08 10:04 pm, Blogger GardenJoy4Me said...

All your activity is helping me hold on till Spring gets to the great white north in Canada !
I love reading what other gardeners are actually doing right now !
Thanks !

At 7/3/08 6:19 pm, Blogger clairesgarden said...

top marks for water collection! it really is something I must look into.


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