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Monday, March 03, 2008

A disappointing day!

I had been looking forward to today for days as I knew I could spend all day at the plot.....bliss! But the weather wasn't playing ball.

I went this morning for an hour and a half and hoed all round. All the weeds you can see in these photos are done. I also tidied up the manure in its compost bay (photo 3) and feel much better about the plot now. And you can't really see it but I trimmed the path edge with shears on my knees!

After lunch I went back to prepare the beds for the roots I wish to plant and sow tomorrow...the last root day for a while according to the moon calendar. I did the bed for the first earlies, but the wind was fearsome. My nose, ears and fingers were frozen. I don't usually feel the cold while gardening, but my nose was dripping and I felt pretty miserable.

Determined to finish what I set out to do I started on the first of the carrot/beetroot/parsnip beds (second picture), but this bed is right in the wind tunnel caused by the shed and the fence. And then it started spitting....big sleety dollops. I'm afraid I'd had enough long before I'd done enough for tomorrow's needs. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow and I'll catch up.

Alternately, if it is just as cold I might delay all the root planting until the next moon day...the 11th and be happy in the knowledge that usually later planted stuff catches up anyway.

I came home and fell asleep in the chair until the dogs pestered for their walk. We didn't go far as I was too stiff for a long walk in the wind.

So...all in all a disappointing day. Firstly because I really didn't enjoy it at all.....usually I love every minute of being there. Secondly because I didn't get much done with my whole day for the plot.
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At 3/3/08 8:05 pm, Anonymous easygardener said...

Annoying isn't it when you plan a gardening day and the weather doesn't co-operate. Still, as you say, later plantings usually catch up especially at this time of year.

At 3/3/08 8:08 pm, Blogger Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

I'm sorry you had a duff day, it's horrible when you look forward to it all week.

You have cheered me up as I did manage to get a row of carrots and beetroot in on 3rd - I hadn't checked the moon calendar but it just seemed the right time to do it. Obviously meant to be!

At 3/3/08 10:05 pm, Blogger BenefitScroungingScum said...

Sorry you had a bad day, but oh, what a great plot of land, I've got a yard smaller than most bathrooms so I'm always envious of land/gardens
Bendy Girl


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