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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spuds in!

The sun is shining so the wind, although very cold and fierce, wasn't so bad as I feared it would be. So, as it is the last "root" day (moon planting) until next week, I decided to do the Second Early Spud planting whilst the going was good. So Kestrel are planted. I'll give them more manure around each spud in a week or two. It was too cold to muck about with muck today!

I still have Charlotte, and Desire to do, so that'll be my big job on the 11th. I kept back (and planted) 6 tubers of Kestrel for the tunnel as an see how much quicker they produce a crop inside.
I also sowed two short (3'6") rows of "Early Nantes" carrots. These will have to be "Environmeshed" before they get very big as I don't want a repeat of last year's carrot fly decimation of my later carrots. For some reason the earlier ones were OK, but the later ones suffered. I'm not risking any of them this year.

Indoors I sowed 20 celeriac into jiffy 7 modules. These are on the sun room windowsill. It doesn't get so cold as the tunnel at night. And, I sowed six spare pellets with Parsnips, to fill up the tray. As there are only two of us to cook for (unless we are entertaining) I am trying to sow little amounts of a large variety of veg, rather than acres of a few. However I believe that that is not enough parsnips even for us, but it will do until I can get some sown into the soil down at the plot.



At 4/3/08 6:23 pm, Blogger GardenJoy4Me said...

I think you have the right idea .. a little of lots of different veg !
Parsnips are rare here .. souly because I am the only one that likes them ! LOL

At 7/3/08 8:45 am, Blogger Matron said...

I haven't had the nerve to plant my spuds out yet! Just a bit too cold here. Even though Easter is very early this year, I will stick with tradition and plant them out on Good Friday!


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