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Sunday, March 09, 2008

More digging

On Friday afternoon I finally got to the plot after a drizzly morning start. It was diggable so I concentrated on cleaning up the bed where the courgettes and squashes will go this year, the farthest bed from the shed. I also spread some of the new manure over it. I shan't be planting the bed up 'til middle to late May so the worms have time to deal with it.

Yesterday was also drizzly so it was a no show day. This week's weather looks like being impossible for most of it. High winds are forecast for early in the week so I have postponed a trip to Kent til the next week now. I don't fancy motorway driving in high winds and driving rain.

Tomorrow, Sunday, is a "fruit" day so time to start off my tomatoes indoors. I'll also do a couple of courgettes to grow on in the tunnel. Last time I did this I got hardly any actual courgettes from it, but I have since read that indoor cucurbits often need a hand with I'm trying again....! A few early courgettes would be very welcome.


At 9/3/08 12:29 pm, Blogger A Softer Side said...

I wandered here from blotonist. I just finished with the digging (and now to hoeing the rows!) in my vegetable garden and can feel your anticipation!


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