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Friday, April 25, 2008

Water continued

Here is the guttering I rigged up a couple of years ago to take the rainwater off the tunnel. This winter the plastic I use to bridge the gap between the tunnel and the gutter blew away as the adhesive tape I was sold for the job was rubbish. I have got some new tape which works....the polythene is a little thinner than what we had here before, but it was all I had on hand and will do for now..The water butt at the end is easily accessed from the back door of the tunnel and is perfect for filling cans to water the pots and staging.
The bed in front of the tunnel is my new-ish asparagus bed. I grew these from seed and will be able to harvest them next year. I couldn't help but smile when I saw Carol Klein at Berryfields last night...their asparagus isn't even showing through the soil yet. I can't believe our climate here is so far ahead of theirs.
I do feel sorry for Joe Swift with that awful allotment he has taken on. There is so much weed, and he chopped it up so small with that rotovator, that he will be fighting the weeds forever.
I just don't "get" the big triangular beds he has put in....I suppose it makes a talking point. But planning and crop rotation can be problematical with strange shapes like that.


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