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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Progress at the plot, and at home.

Look at my spuds in the tunnel. These were 5 Kestrel which I didn't have room for at the plot. They were planted the same day as the ones at the plot...look at them. They are smothering my strawberries....I planted them too near. Behind them are some trays of flowering plants for my front garden, also some for the plot (poached egg plant for under my raspberries). Behind that are the Growpots waiting for the tomatoes.

I sowed all my squash seeds today, and the sweetcorn. All in Rootrainers. The sweetcorn are Sweet Nugget, and Tuxedo (Kings Seeds). The Squashes are
4 modules each of
Uchiki Kuri,
Virginia Rooster (Heritage Seed Library)
Bon Bon
Pumpkin American Tonda
Gourd Golden Nugget
Squash Pink Banana
Marina di Chioggia

This afternoon I was able at last to get some of my pre-sown modules planted out at the plot. The shallots are in....on the left of the picture, and the broad the right. I sowed that whole bed of broad beans last autumn, but only two actually came up...the bigger ones in the top left corner of the bed.

Up at the back of the plot is the long bed with manure on ready for the squashes, courgettes and pumpkins. Then the two beds with the dries up grass on are the early and salad spuds. Kestrel are showing already...titchy compared with the ones in the tunnel...see top picture. The next grass covered bed is Charlotte. The next bed has the onion sets in that I planted a couple of weeks ago. Nothing showing yet there .

Up to the right the dark patch is the bed where I will be planting my Desiree seed potatoes, together with the next one. This will be all one bed this year rather than two separated by a pathway.

The bed behind the broad beans is for beetroot...still not sown. The one behind that is for carrots....some sown, but the succession sowing is now overdue.
In the next photo you can see the raspberry canes coming up well along the fence at the back. In front of that is the rhubarb....flourishing.
And in front of that are the globe artichokes which have produced all winter. They are putting up new shoots so I'll be cutting off all the older stuff soon.

As you can see there is a load of hoeing to be done on the paths between the beds, and some of the beds need a tidy up too. We have had a lot of visitors this last fortnight, but I am getting back to it now.
This is the Montana that I am training over the archway into the kitchen garden. I had one at my old home which I here is my replacement. I want it to grow thick and heavy.

Tomorrow is another "fruit" day according to the moon so I'll be planting out the peas and sweet peas in the kitchen garden.
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At 16/4/08 6:16 pm, Anonymous easygardener said...

Isn't it great when the vegetables start filling the plot instead of just having loads of bare earth (or weeds of course).

At 16/4/08 6:51 pm, Blogger Greenmantle said...

Hi Lily,

I've grown "Tuxedo" sweetcorn, and they were excellent in terms of flavour and plumpness of cob, but they don't seem to hold on the plant as long some other varieties.
Pick them as soon as they are just ripe enough would be my advice...Not that you sound as thought you need any!


At 16/4/08 9:37 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Thanks Greenmantle....I'll bear that in mind when harvest time comes. All tips very gratefully received....!

At 17/4/08 2:31 am, Blogger Lets Plant said...

You have been very busy!!

At 5/6/08 6:07 pm, Blogger Ken said...

Any idea how what size the Virginia Rooster reach? I have some in pots which now need to be planted out. I'm wondering whether to have them growing up a stout trellis or if they will need to trail on the ground. At the moment it looks like they could go up a trellis.

At 5/6/08 8:48 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I have just looked at the Heritage Seed Library catologue where it says "A vigorous variety producing long trailing vines, large leaves and dark green, rugby ball shaped fruit with orange fleshthat will store over winter. The seed guardian said it is a 'big brute'!"

That is all the info I have....and I haven't grown it before....

At 5/6/08 8:52 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Ken. I meant also to say that the Square Foot Gardening chap says that any trailing squash can be put up a trellis....he says if it says "bush" in the blurb then it won't....all others will. Can't find the reference now. It was in one of his regular e-mails not long ago.

At 7/6/08 1:26 pm, Blogger Ken said...

Thanks. I'll try and use a trellis for the three of them. Like yours, they were from the Heritage Seed Library.


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