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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Photo a day.....12th May.

One of the walks I take the dogs on is along the unmade up road behind the seashore of Seagrove Bay. There are some oldish Edwardian houses along there belonging to the rich and famous who have them as holiday homes.

Recently some have been demolished and new ones are going up in their place. For example this one! It has been under construction since before we moved here three years ago, and is quite q way off being finished. It is being built for a Midlands business man to retire to and use as a holiday retreat meantime.

Someone local told me that so far it has cost £3.5million!

It will be stunning when it is finished. You can see from the second picture that the bit between the two wings of the building is all glazed, and it looks straight out to sea. This stretch of water is busy with shipping so there is always something to watch.

The roof is all copper. The bright finish has gone and oxidation has started....hope it goes green soon.

I spoke to the builders a while ago asking if could have a little look inside when it is almost completed.....he said he was thinking of setting up a ticket office to cater for the thousands who've made the same request!!!!

This shot here is next door to the big new one. It used to be a lawn alongside the house out of picture to the right. This is the holiday home of a Film Director...famous. I think this will be a more modest building than the copper roofed one.
This building site is further along to the south of those two. The foundations show it will be huge!

I will be very glad when they are all done because the unmade road is so muddy all the time from builders' trucks. The cars parked along here look sandy coloured as they get all covered with dust.
The dogs hate walking through the cementy puddles, so I avoid this route when it is like that.
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