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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Photo a day......10th May.

It has been so disgustingly rainy today, and I have had visitors, so no current photo again.

This row of cottages is known as Saltern's Cottages. They are on the edge of the "Duver" (pronounced "duvver") which is the name the Islanders give to salt marshes where salt panning used to take place. The cottages are very old and were housing for the workers who collected the sea salt in centuries past.

They are now mostly holiday (second ) homes and sell for a fortune when they go on the market. I wonder what the humble people who used to live in them would think!!!! Until the new seawall was built three years ago the cottages flooded regularly each winter.

I took this picture years ago......the cars parked outside now at weekends are mostly 4x4s or BMWs.
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At 10/5/07 10:10 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

I know we really needed the rain but this is going on too long for my liking. Our forecast is for more! Enjoying seeing your photos though.

At 11/5/07 10:44 am, Blogger Sheila said...

We need rain. It is already too dry here, and we are supposed to have an even hotter summer than usual.
These cottages are lovely..


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