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Friday, December 15, 2006

Spent an hour and a half at the plot moving the tool store. I started out thinking I was going to be preparing the spot for the shed. I pulled out all the greenhouse bits from the bramble patch and stacked them ready for the other plotholders to take away. Picked up loads and loads of broken glass. Dug out the bramble roots. Disposed of a stack of rubbish that was in with it all. Then decided that the space would be ideal for the big green tool store which was in a pretty silly spot up a bank, so I levelled off the soil.
I hauled the huge plastic monstrosity to the new spot, swept it out, repaired it, threw a load of rusty tools away....and put all the good ones back in.
Now it is easy to get my tools when I need them and I'll feel much more like working when the tools are properly stored

In Tesco's today I spotted an ideal me present for the allotment. A wind-up radio. It was under £8 and is ideal. It goes for 20 minutes after a one minute wind. It also has a flashlight which runs off the wind-up battery.......! Perfect! I might get another one for the polytunnel!

I'll move the flower bushes tomorrow....then I'll be a bit nearer the big dig! The soil is in lovely condition at the moment....not too soggy to dig. The Allotments are named "Sandilands" for good reason....they drain well. The white roots just slip out when I turn every spit. It is a joy to dig and weed it.

I was driven home by the need for the loo! I'll be glad to get my shed up so that I can hide away and deal with that without coming home. An hour and a half seems to be my limit!


At 14/12/06 10:40 pm, Blogger greenchicken said...

i think i got it whipped but now everything is slower. i opened a beta blog so i could comment. patsy on life and times

At 15/12/06 12:58 am, Anonymous wendy said...

Where do you get all your energy from :) all that in an hour and half. that would of taken me a couple of days at least....

At 17/12/06 1:01 pm, Anonymous Allotment Lady said...

Lily - you post comment bit seems to be missing or is it my computer as I can't find the anywhere to post a comment.

Wonderful work you have done and I could just picture the scene yesterday - sunshine and Solent and tennis - who would have thought it was December

At 17/12/06 2:33 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

It could be just me....but I did think that I'd enabled comments! I'll go and sort it out now.

Does anyone blog via Picasa? I've found lately that I compose a days message....with pictures....then there is no clickable button anywhere to be seen to publish the effort! So then I go back in the old way....and load the photos the long winded way and then add the text.


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