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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Well.....strange goings on at the plot!
I walked the dogs through the allotments this afternoon as usual and found the plot holder (as you know I have been "allowed" to use an unused bit of someone elses rights!!!!!!) installing another friend on the plot. She was giving away a third of what I'd been cultivating this year....including the bit with my huge pile of manure on! So I now have to move that promptish or it'll be dug in somewhere else! We came to an agreement about the "boundary", but I was a bit unsettled to say the leat.
This leads me to believe that the plot will actually never become mine after all. I had understood that if they gave up the plot I would get first call on it (if I was at the top of the waiting list) but obviously that wouldn't be the case now. So I phoned the council and found that I am now at no.4 on the waiting list. Hooray! It would seem then that early next year I might get a plot of my own.
So....having discussed this with DH I have decided to cease developing this plot any further, and to only tend the brassicas that are growing up there until they are finished. Then if I am allotted my own plot next spring I'll move the manure when I cultivate that plot. DH has said he'll buy me a shed too!
I really could do with spending the time on the veg garden at home between now and then, so I am glad to have found this out now rather than later!
So........this blog will be about my plot at home for a while. Watch this space for another allotment! Meanwhile I have a load of shallot sets on order which were destined for the plot.....five packs of them (DH is partial to pickled shallots). They will have to go in the garden plot I'd better dig the green manure crop into one of the green-manured beds pronto!


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Good luck with the waiting list!


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