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Monday, October 16, 2006

This week past I've been to the plot everyday except Wednesday (the day after all the manure shovelling....back felt like it was snapping!). I have done half of the autumn dig already. Also I've cleared out an old coal bunker that was being used as a compost heap. It was full of beautiful soil which I've now spread all over the low bits of the plot. I also shifted one bay of the wooden compost container. When I have shifted the other I will be dismantling the compost bins and rebuilding then a foot further onto the site. They are encroaching onto the footpath between plots and some have moaned about the narrowness.......justifiably!
I made the coal bunker into an incinerator and had a good burn up of all the rubbish on the plot....and the bindweed roots that I weeded out today. They won't be reappearing in a hurry! It made a really good incinerator as there were lots of holes in it letting the draught in. I am going to make a permanent spot for it by the compost bins.

Tomorrow I must mow the lawns at home as rain is due for the rest of the week......hopefully I will be able to do some more on the plot later in the week. Next week we have visitors so I wont be doing much there then.

And...when all is tidy I'll post some shots of it on here!

Does anyone know if cabbage root fly will attack even in the winter....should I be worrying bout it with my winter cabbages and sprouts and broccoli? I've netted for pigeons, but not for butterflies...I assume it is too late for them......but I haven't done the cabbage collars as I think they restrict the stem....but I will if anyone thinks I should.


At 20/10/06 8:56 pm, Blogger clairesgarden said...

its manure time! oh, all the aching backs!
I'm sorry I dont know about the collars on the cabbages, I'm going to have to try and find out now!


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