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Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Festival of Quilts at Birmingham was wonderful!!!!!! Here is a series of photos of the quilt that our party of three thought should have at least been given some acknowledgement by the judges.

The reason why we loved it so....and entered it as our choice for the public vote...was that it was a hexagon quilt. Now I normally loathe hexagon quilts...probably because they are often badly my humble opinion. But this one was amazing!!!!

It was quilt number 709. Called Liberty Floral Wreath. Designed by Doreen Plumridge, and made by the Clandon Group of the Guildford Quilters. (P.Bennet, D.Plumridge, V.Oatridge, J.Ellis, J.Coombes, G.Jones and S.Beaman)

The blurb in the catologue reads...."Our group love of traditional design together with our love of liberty, no "brainwork" involved, whilst we discussed further quilts."

Info: Liberty tana lawn hexagons, colour blended to create larger flowers, background bleached, hand pieced and quiltedin chainstitch using embriodery thread.

It was for sale at £545....a bargain!
If you click on the photos you can enlarge them and see the detail. I didn't shrink them to make them load quicker as I figured you'd all want to see them close up too!!!!

Don't ask me which was the out and out winner of the show. I find the way they hang the quilts very confusing. They don't do rosettes either, which I find help to let me know what the judges thought. We came across plenty of group winners, most of which I didn't agree with, but some I did.

I'll be posting more photos over the next few days as and when I have the time. DH is in hspital at the moment so my time is rather taken up! Posted by Picasa


At 23/8/06 10:22 am, Blogger clairesgarden said...

I think this quilt is lovely, hope your dh is ok and home soon.

At 23/8/06 12:08 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I've just fetched him from the hospital and settled him into things are happening!
I'll be probably too busy for the garden for a little while, but I do know it is time to go get the cabbage plants, so they'll have to go in!

At 16/9/06 3:18 pm, Blogger Kati said...

best wishes for your dh and a quick recovery. the quilts are amazing -- you were right: I have been poring over them and was so glad you left the photos large enough to enable us to do so!

At 16/9/06 5:25 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I have loads more. I've already posted a load on my patchwork.....where theses
should have gone......! And when life quietens down a bit I'll post the rest there.
He is doing well. It is 4 weeks now and he is beginning to get around a bit on his crutches. Soon he'll be doing the dog walking in the mornings again which frees me up a bit!


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