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Sunday, July 23, 2006

The hot weather has really got to me. I've tried leaving everything until the evening but even then it has been too hot for me. This morning I got up at first light and cleared the onion bed and started breaking the soil up to a fine tilth to be ready to do the next Sq Ft bed.
Here is the position as at yesterday with the existing Sq Ft bed. I have had to shade it from the sun as I've already lost some seedlings. I'll have to reseed the spinach and the beetroot...and the fennel.
We had a bit of rain this morning and the bed actually looks a lot better this evening. It seemed to grow a lot during the day!

Here is my spaghetti squash. It seems to be doing OK. I've never had one before, let alone grown this is an adventure.
The weather this evening is a lot more pleasant, and Metcheck gives tomorrow as pleasantly I'll go down the plot in the afternoon and get on there! Posted by Picasa