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Friday, July 14, 2006

I am very annoyed today! I've just watched Cabbage White Butterflies getting through the holes in the netting sold for preventing cabbage white attack! What I've done now is to lay three more layers of the same stuff over and hope that will stop the little blighters! Because I expect some did get through whilst I wasn't watching, I now have to do an inspection later, once they're all in bed....and take off bits of the leaves with eggs on.

When I was watering my sq ft bed early this morning I realised that I'd actually lost a Pak Choi seedling overnight. It had wilted. I think the whole bed gets too much sun for seedlings, so I've now shaded it with fleece. I also replaced the seed.
The last little bean had succumbed too. It is too late to replace that though. Next year I'll start them in modules instead of the ground.
No pea tips showing as I gave the square a good soaking to help the seeds swell and sprout.

Other than a lawn tidy up I wont be gardening for the rest of the day as I have a tip indoors to deal with before we entertain tomorrow evening.

In the greenhouse all my brassica seedlings are showing. I'll bring them out tomorrow into a shady spot. These are destined for the plot. I'll put them out after the butterflies have finished for the year. Anyone know when that is?


At 14/7/06 5:07 pm, Anonymous Greenhouse Girl said...

Hi Lilymarlene
What are you covering the cabbages with ... gromax net? Anyway, you’ll only have to put up with the little blighters till around September when they should stop laying their eggs ... I guess by then they’ll have done all the damage and you’ll be worn raged removing the eggs.
Have you tried companion planting? Cabbage whites are supposed to be deterred by strong smelling plants ... so you could try Oregano (as used by Monty Don on Gardeners World) or lavender is another plant that’s been suggested ...
Good luck

At 16/7/06 11:51 am, Blogger patsy said...

crullers are a chinesse food sort of like a donut nut not made with yeast.we used to grow cabbage here but no one does anymore because of that dreaded worm. seems to me insects are getting worse.


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