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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Whilst it was raining this morning I used the time to check that I was doing everything I should for July. So I got out all the Kitchen Garden and Grow our Own Magazines from this year, last year and 2004 (KG) July issues and started making lists. I only got as far as the July 2005 KG and had a list that would deal with my available space.

Then I set to work. I cleared three more squares for the Sq Ft garden and put in a load of old pea seeds (don't even know the name!) very close together to harvest as pea tips when only 2-3" tall. A trial run for me. If successful I'll use dried peas from the supermarket for this in future!!!

In the next square I sowed 16 radish seeds, "China Rose"....a winter radish that
should be allowed to grow big. Next to that 16 individual seeds of beetroot "Forono".

Into the tunnel and started modules off for Chard, parcel, lettuce "Sherwood", and "Tom Thumb" to set out in the tunnel borders later for overwintering. Also some watercress.....a bit of an experiment! And I started off some wallflower seeds in slightly bigger modules and set them outside because I think they wouldn't like the tunnel temperature. They are a hardy winter flower after all!

I also mowed the back lawn but was rained off before I could get in to tidy up the Kitchen garden.

It has all been rather too dull today for photos, but I will have to start taking some tomorrow if only to record the progress of the Sq Ft Garden! I thinned everything that was up today. In future I am only putting in at most two seeds per station.....Mel Bartholomew was right....most seeds do come up....which is why we end up having to thin so viciously.

BTW for more really good info on SQ Ft Gardening google "HDRA" then when you get onto the HDRA website put "Square Foot Gardening" into the search box and you'll get step-by-step instructions on what to do.....with a planting plan for first timers.
I can already see the advantages of this....especially when it comes to watering if we get another dry spell. Mel says just to carry a bucket of water and a cup and give every plant a cupful....once a week....and a little more often for just a few plants.


At 10/7/06 7:41 pm, Blogger patsy said...

well you are busy. i will have ripe tomatoes next week. can't wait.

At 10/7/06 7:51 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Me too. I have already had two half-inch sized "Gartenperle" the you do!

At 10/7/06 9:08 pm, Blogger Allotment Lady said...

Your square foot garden is really interesting LM I am tempted to try one in my back garden next year, but don't know where to put it! It would mean sacrificing a flower bed. Decisions decisions. Having your polytunnel makes such a difference to when your crops are ready doesn't it.

Ah well, I will get OH to keep buying a lottery ticket.

At 10/7/06 9:30 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

It does make a difference.....but it also takes a lot of work.....watering!With a hosepipe ban and hardly any rain to fill the butts I had a very dry fortnight which has hampered some of the plants. I really should have given the cucumbers and melon a lot more water, and the strawberries are looking very sad now...time to cut them off and wait for next year....we have some in the garden anyway.
I think I'm going to Sq Ft some of the tunnel borders too!

At 11/7/06 8:36 am, Anonymous Greenhouse Girl said...

Wow ...
You’ve been really busy ... I was worn out by the time I’d read up to you mowing the lawn ... goodness knows how where you get all the energy (and if you could bottle it and send some to me I’d be very grateful!).
Well done!

At 11/7/06 10:08 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Thanks for your kind comments.....but......
if you want to see what a real "Busy Boots" can do in a day you should read Allotment Lady's blog. I have a feeling she is older than me (I'm nearly 57)and puts me to shame!
In fact I'm sure she must be twins masquerading as one person!!!!! LOL


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