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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Since the last post here I have not been near the allotment. A wedding on Saturday, and a hot Sunday spent recovering.
In the afternoon I listened to Gardeners' Question Time in the tunnel whilst potting up some pinks I got from Thompson and Morgan. They were discussing the water crisis and said it was OK to use a hose to fill watering cans with. That was all the excuse I needed to really get on with watering the whole kitchen Sunday evening I must have used about 40 cans full all over the back garden, and in the tunnel. It was really dry and the strawberries were either not producing or only producing really, really small berries.
This morning we woke up to rain....! I should have believed the weather forecast! But the last few times they said rain we didn't get it so I thought I'd better water. I suppose I should consider that I have "conditioned" the garden to receive more water and ensured that it didn't run off rather than soak in.
Today I went to Isle of Wight Lavender for a RHS day learning all about Lavender plants. I learnt how to propagate and care for them and all about the different types and the diseases they can get. I had a really good time and must type up my notes on the blog at some point so that I have a permanent record. They fed us well too.
It poured with rain all day....but I couldn't bring myself to moan as I really want the rain. But it made it too dull for it to be worth taking photos....sorry!
For anyone who is interested they are doing another one in July.
Their website is But to find out about the tutorial day you would have to go to the RHS website.


At 27/6/06 9:06 am, Anonymous Greenhouse Girl said...

"Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet."
[Roger Miller]

Sounds like you’ve definitely looking on the sunny side ... even in the rain!
However, I’m always convinced that God’s having a little joke when he watches us spend ages watering the garden ... then turns on the rain overnight!

At 27/6/06 1:50 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Very true!!!!

At 28/6/06 7:01 am, Blogger clairesgarden said...

I think its best to water if you think it needs it, it usually rains the next day here too! I have only had to seriously water about three times so far though, and we don't have a hosepipe ban so its not such a big deal here either.
just think of how fit you'll get carting all those watering cans...

At 29/6/06 12:34 am, Blogger patsy said...

sorry it is so dry. we have had several good rains of late.


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