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Friday, June 23, 2006

Hours at the plot so far.......48 (one last Thursday digging up some spuds and 2 hours today)

Today I went to the plot to harvest the first early spuds. Five rows. It produced 3 Tesco bags full. I had a problem getting them back to the car...should have done two trips. I'm sorry I forgot the camera so couldn't show how well the squashes are doing.
I started digging the cleared bed, to prepare for the next crops and also to find every last spud (daft to think its possible but I have to try!) I also gave the squashes some water....and clipped the grass path on my knees with shears!
When I got home I did a lot of tidying in the kitchen still looks as though I need to spend at least another week out there. I also moved the composters and mixed up the contents and put them back in for their last heat up. I had to make space for a new one I have ordered on-line....£6...good value I think.
Then after walking the dogs I was worn out and although should have been ironing (pile up to the ceiling!) I zonked out and knitted instead!
To work out what to sow to fill up the space where the spuds were I went all through my seed packets and I was very surprised at what can still be planted out even as late as this in the season. It'll be interesting to see how far behind such crops as runner beans would be if I started some now. Tomorrow I'll put a row in and see. Hopefully we will get some rain (according to Metcheck we are due for some Monday....we'll see. The last two predictions were wrong!) which will help them start growing and will help me with the digging. The ground is almost concrete. I'm so glad the maincrop are all under earthing up or hoeing of weeds to do.
The onions and shallots on the plot are doing really well. Much better than the ones here in my kitchen garden at home. They don't seem to be swelling at all. And the beds are very dry....oh for some rain!


At 24/6/06 6:25 am, Blogger patsy said...

the allotment lady says it is dry where she lives also. I thought england was a damp place, live and learn.


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