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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hours at the plot so far.....42 !

Went this morning to earth up the spuds that are not under plastic. This was the first time I've ever earthed up spuds and I was surprised how many little tiny spuds I disturbed. I take it from this that I didn't put them far enough down in the ground when I planted them!!!! I'll remember that next year.

I also clipped the path on one side....hard work that, so I only did one!

Then I fixed the plastic on the lower spud rows more securely, ready for the gales this weekend.

Then I dug and weeded one of the square bits of plot that I have left by the rhubarb for the pumpkins.

This afternoon I spent a few minutes mulching the strawberries in the polytunnel with paper shreddings. Also, I planted in a big pot the Busy Lizzies my friend gave me yesterday.
Now I have back ache!!!!!

I checked the pomegranate seeds and three have sprouted......eeeeek! Help!!!!!What do I do with them now?!!!!!! Better go and look it up!!!

That is as much as my back will do today!!!! The dogs have been walked so now I can relax for a few minutes before it is time to do dinner!


At 18/5/06 10:11 pm, Blogger patsy said...

glad for your visit, was your araucana a bantie? they are cute. you neet to plant potatoes about 6 inches and then hill them up also. when i had my kids at home i grew potatoes ever year. sure filled up growing children.

At 20/5/06 3:57 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

They were Bantams....really pretty.

I think my spuds went down about 4 inches....and the soil has possiblt settled since they were planted. I have earthed them up so hopefully they wont be green. I'll take some grass mowings to mulch them when I next cut the grass!


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