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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hours at the plot so far.....37 1/2.

It was really beautiful at the plot this morning. I managed to finish the digging required to make the rows for the spuds under plastic. I'll spend as long as it needs tomorrow to get the plastic down and the spuds in. Then it is just the preparation for the pumpkins and the major preparation for this year will be done. I don't think maintenance will take more than a couple of hours a week....until harvest that is!

When I'm up and running at the plot I'll be able to spend more time in the kitchen garden at home, and planning the new look front and back gardens. They were in very good nick when we moved in two years ago.....but the various jobs we had to do on the house, and the total remodel of the kitchen garden (my first love) have taken up my time, and the flower parts of the garden look tired and old fashioned.

We need more parking in the front, so we are planning to do away with the lawn entirely and have gravel....some to park on so it will have to be hard standing, and the rest to plant shrubs and ground cover plants in...with maybe some spring bulbs too.

The back garden was previously very pretty, but we have cut across it with the fence for the kitchen garden so it need re-shaping. I also want to do away with the lawn at the back because our dog will keep on digging it up. This will give me more room for flowers, and hopefully some fruit bushes which I can dot around the flower beds!

Well...that's enough chatting..the garden calls!!!
Sorry no photo today....the batteries ran out!


At 10/5/06 1:03 pm, Blogger she who digs said...

Thank you for going to the trouble of finding out info to help with my wedding flowers! I picked off about 10 emerging flower heads last night and will keep an eye out for more! As a back up and for peace of mind, I'm also going to aks in a florist! Many thanks,
Sarah (She Who Digs)

At 10/5/06 1:37 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Don't worry....I am really enjoying watching your efforts. I've always enjoyed too getting involved in wedding preparations for friends.
Last year my sister's daughter got married and had the reception at home. I grew umpteen lilac, white and purple petunias for them to line the garden paths with, whilst my sister planted the beds up with sweet pea towers and lavender plants. She ended up with a permanent lavender walk to remind her of the day. It was idyllic.

My sister kept picking off the flowers until just before and all was blooming well on the day.


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