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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hours at the plot so far.....33.

Went to put in the maincrop under the black plastic ridges. Sorry photos, forgot the camera again! I was pleased to see that the plastic had not blown had not moved at all. I'm not sure that it will stay put now though as all the holes I cut in order to put the spuds in allow the wind to get in too! Two rows done, probably 6 more to go. I seem to get 11 seed potatoes into each row. I need more plastic sheets before I do the next plastic covered bed.
I also hoed the onions, shallots and the early potatoes. The soil had panned in the heavy rain, but I had to leave it until I could see where everything is. Now that everything is showing through, I was able to loosen the soil, and did a fair job of hoeing the weeds. I'll do it better in a few days when I take my swoe down there.....the hoe that the plotters have in their shed, which they say I can borrow, is not very easy to use properly....whereas I am a dab hand with the swoe. I also like to use a very long handled hand fork, like a forked hoe, for weeding as it enables me to loosen the ground to 3 inches deep and then pull out the weeds by hand. As the plot is a fair slope it makes sense to get the rain into the ground before it has a chance to think of running off!!!
Earlier in the week I did a lot of work in the polytunnel. The tomatoes are now into their ring culture pots (all except three). The courgettes and squashes had germinated and most are now in paper pots in the greenhouse.
I sowed a lot of chamomile lawn seeds in plugs....49 of them. I'm hoping eventually to establish lots of chamomile in the pathways between the deep beds to save mowing and strimming the spaces.
My blueberry plants, three of them, arrived this morning from the Times offer. They are about a foot tall....I'm pleased with them. I will grow them to maturity in pots rather than the garden because our soil here is not light enough for them. I will have to buy some huge pots eventually, but at the moment they are in 5" pots so they have a lot of sizes to go through between now and then!
Weather permitting I should get two more rows done tomorrow.


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