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Monday, April 10, 2006

Hours at plot since Day 1.....23.
I went for two hours today.....just digging. Four widths of the plot.
As a picture would just be a virtual repeat of previous pictures I decided to take some photos of the other plots for your entertainment. This one draws lots of comments from other plotters!!!!!

It is the one just below my half plot. I haven't seen anyone there yet....perhaps they are waiting for the holiday weekend.
At the other end of the spectrum is this little one on the right.....! The lady who has it has no garden at home and therefore grows flowers and veg on her plot. She gets teased a bit by other plotters but I think they like having her tidy plot as a neighbour; and she is witty....her flowerpot scarecrow has a winter jacket on. I'll take another picture of him when I see him sunbathing.

The plot holder of this tidy one has just acquired the one next to her on the left, and has begun to work her magic there too.

I'd really like mine to be twee like this, but I have a good enough garden at home, so my plot has to be more business like.

Got to walk the dogs now, then take them to the vets for Lulu's slimming club! She is almost at her target weight!!!!

Perhaps later I'll get a chance to do some back garden veg gardening!


At 11/4/06 5:14 am, Blogger Petunia's Gardener said...

This was fun to see some of the other plots and the shots of your greenhouse. I've seen spiders like that before too. Surely they will eat bad bugs for you. I have the space so I'm gardening at home but I visited my friend at her community garden and shared some of those pictures today.


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