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Sunday, April 09, 2006

I've worked myself to a standstill the tunnel and the back garden....not at the plot though, perhaps tomorrow!
I decided I had to get the guttering on the tunnel finished before we get more rain. This involved bridging the gap between plastic cover and gutter on the front, and attaching the old guttering to the back of the tunnel, and bridging that gap too. I also had to clean out the spare water butt for the back gutter. (I can't direct both lots of gutter to one butt because it would mean taking a pipe across a doorway.) It was full of nasty bits from a Blackthorn bush that was in our garden. DH cut it down because it was where we wanted the gate to the back garden.....why he put the bits in the water butt beats me. I now have scratches to show for it! Anyway, the guttering I need some rain to fill both butts.
I also planted the cucumber (2) and melon plants in the tunnel borders, surrounded with fleece to ensure they don't chill. Also I put out some leaf lettuce into the tunnel beds, also beetroot that I started in small modules.
The sweet pea jiffy sevens were all growing together so I put each one in a toilet roll inner tube with more compost....hopefully that will do for them until I can plant them in my runner bean bed to grow up the framework with the beans. And the peppers and aubergines were outgrowing their small modules so I put them into 3" pots.
Tomorrow I need to tidy up in the polytunnel as I was so clapped, and had to walk the dogs before I collapsed. There is stuff everywhere.
I walked the dogs through the allotments, and saw that the lady whose plot I share has been doing her bit. It looks really good....half done! There were also signs that they had had the BBQ out!
The weather was glorious all day, and I hope tomorrow will be the same. I'll do another 3 rows of digging if I can.
Also I will take some more photos....too tired to bother today.
BTW thanks to Greenmantle I have mastered the posting of the links....see right...and now my "favourite" blogs are listed here. If I have forgotten any I will do them in a day or two (I already noticed one or two I have "Allotment Lady", and "My Life and Times" are just two of them.)


At 8/4/06 9:55 pm, Blogger Allotment Lady said...

Lovely to read how industrious you have been today - puts me to shame, but I did get some more seeds sown in little pots to go into the propagator on the window sill - how I would really really love a poly tunnee.

I can dream - that is all it will be.

At 9/4/06 5:29 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Believe me....we still dream of having chickens again. But it is not to be, at least while we live here. We live on a housing estate (that thinks it's rather posh!) and fear to draw in rats etc. The neighbours grumble about our van that we use for fishing and trips to the what they'd say about chickens???!!!!!

At 9/4/06 6:51 am, Blogger Greenmantle said...

You sound like Tom & Barbara, surrounded by Jerry & Margo...I suppose pigs are right out of the question then.

At 9/4/06 8:32 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

We used to have pigs when we lived in Kent. They were such "fun" (not!) They used to chase the goats...they knew the milk came from them! It was so funny to they were attached by ropes....or like a train....they'd be about three feet behind the goats and weaving about all over the field. They escaped once and dug up the "greens" on next doors private "golf course"! When they were slaughtered we didn't bother having them again...too much trouble!


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