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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hours so far at the plot.....19.
I went for just a half hour today as everything else just conspired against me. I had to put in the last dozen earlies so that it was off my mind for the next 4 days whilst we have visitors. There is no way I'll get there again until Thursday, unless I really get ahead tomorrow afternoon and manage to do an hour and a half.....unlikely! The visitors don't come until the evening, but I'm nowhere near ready yet! Upstairs is done, and the shower room and downstairs guestroom, but the living areas are desperate for a hoovering, and floor washing, and dusting, and the glass doors all have dog nose marks on......! You get the picture. Plus cooking for them. Plus dog walking. I've worked to a standstill this evening, so now I get to read all the plot blogs! Bliss!


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