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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hours at the plot.....18 1/2. I went this evening to do a couple of rows of weeding across the plot. Thank goodness the evenings are drawing out. It's just past 7 pm now and getting I've given up.

I met a lady up there who has just taken over the derelict plot next to her very tidy one. Apparently the former plottees live in Spain! They haven't done anything on it for 3 years and the weeds are becoming a nuisance to the neighbouring plots. She's got a bit to do to make it as tidy as hers!
This afternoon was spent in the polytunnel potting on some tomato plants, petunias and cauliflowers. (The starter plants I bought are really much to wee to put in the garden yet. The six that I put out last week have really suffered.)


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