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Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's really pouring with rain now, and no chance of going to the plot. I am disappointed as I had really wanted to use this afternoon to start the spud planting, put in the onion sets, and for DH to do the compost heap. And looking at the weather forecast it doesn't look as though I'll get there in the next few days either. We could have done with this rain before now....not this week when I need to be planting.

Yesterday they announced a hosepipe ban here on the Isle of I'm glad I've only planned spuds and onions at the plot. I think I can get away with not watering them.....! I'll be able to do a carry a can job on them, but no more than that. Oh...I fogot the squashes.....well a watering can will do the job with them too! I'll make sure to half bury a bottle with them to water through.
Whereas here at home I have all the water butts to keep me supplied. So all the water hungry things will be ok here. Perhaps Monday would be well spent rigging up the guttering on the back of the greenhouse, and getting another water butt for the front of the house. And I'm seriously tempted to get some other butts so that I can add a series to the ones that already take the water from the back roof.

I am also using the afternoon to plan my planting in the deep beds at home....a difficult job taking companion planting and crop rotation into consideration.

Gotta walk the rain-hating dogs at some point too!!!!!


At 26/3/06 10:17 am, Blogger clairesgarden said...

It has been a seriously dry winter, even here, its raining now but really if I think of it the weather hasn't been as wet as usual.I'd be surprised if we got a ban though. Potatoes and onions should be ok without too much watering, mine were ok last year.

At 26/3/06 12:40 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

What a relief!
Your blog is one I check daily....and thanks for your list of links down the RH side.....I love looking at people's taste through their links. Unfortunately I am not geeky enough to do a list on mine yet.....but I'm sure I'll get there before long!


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