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Monday, March 20, 2006

I was far too tired to post yesterday's doings on the plot. I did another two hours. It was really beautiful up there.....just me and the sun and the birds. I was surprised that no-one else was there...I thought Sunday afternoon would be a popular time for allotmenteering.
Anyway, responding to a comment to an earlier post pointing out that I should really do more photos.....I heartily agree....I bought a camara case this morning for my old digital camera (the Canon being far too precious to take up there) and so I will get some more photos today. The old camera has only 2m pixels but the size photo we can load on here makes it seem enough.

I'm off now to do an hour and a half of digging/weeding on the plot....then back to take the dog to the vets for her slimming club appointment!!!! She is almost finished with the dieting....I think the nurse will say she should go on to maintenance from today.....she'll be glad!


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