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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Did an hour and a half digging this afternoon. I am definitely slowing up, but still enjoying it enormously.
It was so warm I took off my anorak...then my fleece... and ended up in a short sleeved blouse. The sun was out, and there was a wretched plane doing loop the loop over our heads. What is it about sunshine that makes those people think we want to hear their noisy planes for hour after hour. Why can't they do it over the sea? It would be safer for them if anything went wrong too!
The soil was crumbling beautifully, and most of the weeds slipped out!
I haven't looked into the greenhouse yet as I was out all morning, then at the plot, now I must walk the dogs....then make dinner. So it will be tomorrow before I get round to spending time in there!


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