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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Today was still cold, but I did manage to get to the allotment for my hoped for hour and a half. I dug two more widths....until I could bend no more. The wind was from the NE but as the slope is south facing it mostly went overhead. The plots at the top, on the level, wee getting the full force....glad mine isn't up there.

Apparently the wind to dread is a strong SW one. That rips out the bean rows in moments. As I'm only going to do roots up there it wont be a problem for me. My back garden is more sheltered and the beans and other top grown stuff will be grown here. I'm not sure what that means for crop rotation....I'll have to plan carefully. This year most of the plot will be potatoes and carrots....but I also intend to do a pumpkin and some courgettes. They are low growing so shouldn't be bothered by wind.

DH moved some old timber pieces up there too. He intends to make a double bay compost heap with them.

I had a natter with next-plot-but-one. An elderly gentleman who has had his plot 20 years. He was a mine of info on such things as the wind, and where to get free manure....!

I seem to be getting slower at the digging....but the other allotmenteer said I was doing exactly the right thing by cleaning the ground thoroughly. His plot was immaculate...not a weed in sight. He dug it in the autumn, left it all winter, and is just turning it over a bit now. He doesn't even have to push the spade in with his just slices through like a knife in butter....!


At 19/3/06 5:23 pm, Blogger Allotment Lady said...

It is windy on my plot - but does not sound as bad as yours. Would love to see photos.

Nice chatting to fellow allotmenteers they are a mine of information aren't they. And they also are a motivation too.

Good luck - will follow your progress.

At 19/3/06 5:34 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I know I need to take more photos. I will. It's just that the camera was expensive and I'm a bit afraid of breaking it. However, I must get more practice with it and this would be a good opportunity.
I love all your photos......specially the food ones!!!!


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