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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

So....I had my sit down and read a load of blogs.....and suddenly realised that I ought to be sowing my courgettes and squashes. So I just did them in the greenhouse and have put them into the little electric propagators in my sun room....which is north facing....LOL!
I've sown
Squash Pink Banana....a climbing squash I'm really looking forward to eating
Courgette Tomboncino...a climbing courgette
Courgette Rugosa Friulana....a really warty yellow courgette from Italy
Courgette Soleil....a yellow courgette
Squash Blue Ballet
Courgette Lungo Bianco
Squash Patty Pan, Custard white
Courgette Jemmer...another yellow courgette
Butternut Squash
Spaghetti Squash.
I've sown three seeds of each so I'll have some to give away. I don't want more than one of some of them.
Now its a question of "Watch this space!"


At 17/4/06 7:55 pm, Blogger clairesgarden said...

busy busy! good growing to you !

At 18/4/06 3:14 am, Blogger Petunia's Gardener said...

Yeah, I'm finding these ambitous bloggers make me realize there is always something I should be doing! By the way, I love your idea about a global allotment book. I added pictures of Seattle 'p-patch 2' now. Between the blogger photographers, gardeners and writers ... just do one electronically and skip the publishing!

At 18/4/06 5:53 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

What a thought.....however I expect I'd somehow fall foul of the copyright laws if they weren't my own pictures.
I have a wonderful book called "A Bike Ride" by Anne Musto, a retired headmistress who decided to buy a bike and cycle round the world! At 58 years old!! It is so inspiring! When I read it it makes me want to fulfil my dreams.
I'd like to have a smallish camper van (RV I believe in your lingo?), for just me and my dog (Lulu the "blue" whippet) and go around Europe first of all...photographing the allotments, or the veggie gardens that you see everywhere.
Since I had that idea 30 years ago veg gardening and allotments have become trendy. I sometimes think I should have followed my hunches when I first had them, as quite often I have found that something I am passionate about has later, sometimes much later, become trendy.
On that you think 4 needle knitting will soon be back now that knitting is trendy again? I get the feeling that all the new knitters will soon get fed up with garter stitch and want to branch out and relearn some of the old skills.
When I broke my back in 1984, I was forced to lie flat on my back for some time, with not even a pillow. When they started letting me have a pillow I was at last able to knit again.....! I chose to do gloves on 4 needles as they are not heavy and are interesting enough to do to take ones mind off the problem. For some strange reason the nurses used to gather round and watch as though it was a freak show! And yet their grandmothers would have done the whle family's socks just that way.

I'm rambling......! Anyway, please keep the foreign veggie garden pictures coming!


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