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Monday, April 17, 2006

Hours at the plot so far...27 !

The sun was shining this morning, so we both went to the plot. Me to dig, DH to sort out the compost heap. He has bodged up a huge double one from old pallets and some fence panels we had lying around. He apologised that it didn't look very pretty.....but I said it was ok as it is, after all, an allotment! I now have to fork the piles of weeds I'm digging out of the plot into one of them, and sieve the old compost made by the previous plotters. Later!!!

I dug two very deep rows across the plot. I've now done enough to be able to plant my second early potatoes in there tomorrow.

At home, in the deep beds, I've planted out 25 broad bean plants that I started indoors. They have been hardening off since Saturday, and look very sturdy.
I sowed a row of parsnips, transplanted some modules of beetroot, carrots, leeks, onions, mangetout and peas. Then I hoed the onion sets and garlic and shallots so that all looks tidy and professional. I should really be taking advantage of the sun and getting on a bit more but I've just walked the dogs miles and need a sit with a cuppa! I might go back down the allotment after dinner for an hour as it looks like staying fine.


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