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Friday, April 14, 2006

Hours at plot so far.....25 1/2 !

Spent an hour today digging two more widths of the plot. The picture is of the rocks that are sitting alongside the path. For reference purposes the left hand one is over two feet long!
I was wondering why they were there and found out today!!!! As I was digging parallel to the stones I kept meeting resistance to the spade and fork. The soil was barely a half spit deep in many places...I kept hitting huge slabs of yellow stone. I bent the fork trying to lift gave up on that. I realised that that is why the rocks have been left a warning! I will have to build up the soil in that area over time. meanwhile I'll beware!

The pink blob, as you will have guessed, is my finger. You wouldn't think I'm quite an accomplished photographer!
This photo shows my sweet potato trial....see previous post on this. It has many eyes so I hope they will sprout. I didn't cover them with water....just halfway up the hope that is right! This experiment promises to be fun!!!

I'm not sure when I'll be "plotting" next as we have visitors this weekend......perhaps Monday.


At 14/4/06 3:01 am, Blogger Petunia's Gardener said...

Oh the gardener's life! I posted about rocks yesterday but without the picture of the big ones. Our are rounded ones from being pushed around by a glacier but they still can come big. As you said, I think I'll just start building up above them! Good luck with the potato trial.

At 14/4/06 6:17 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Yeah....I didn't fancy pulling them out....I'd need a JCB I think!


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