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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hours at the plot so far.....31
Today is beautiful weather so I went to start on the black plastic lazy beds for the maincrop. I don't have enough time to dig the rest of the plot properly this spring before putting in the maincrop so I have decided to do the not dug yet half of the plot with this method.
Basically I marked 28" strips; cut the turves from the outer 7" of the strip leaving 14" intact in the middle; then turned the turves in on the undug bit. The whole row is then covered in black plastic, and the potatoes planted through it. It is not as heavy work as fully digging the plot....but nor is it easy. I am really bushed now. Tomorrow, weather permitting I will plant the two rows I've prepared today, then do the next two rows ....etc. I think I need 8 more rows!!!

I pulled a load of rhubarb because the plot holders haven't touched it and it is now beginning to flower. I pulled off the flower heads and hope that this will mean the crop life is extended a bit.....! Now I have armfuls of the stuff to cook and freeze....!

Sorry....I forgot to take my camera! permitting, although they give rain!


At 22/4/06 11:14 pm, Blogger patsy said...

My grandmother grew rhubarb and I hated when I was a girl but as I grow older I find I like it. turnips are the same. I love them now but when I was young I thought they were bad.


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