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Thursday, April 27, 2006

A real dashing about day as the dog went to the vets for spaying. I needed to be here for the phone, then when she got back I couldn't leave her. So I did the back garden instead.

I spent the morning preparing the last two deep beds ready for veg. The soil in them was very as I tickled the soil up with my long handled hand fork I threw all the stones I found onto the paths between the beds.

Then on the way to the Vets I went via the garden centre for nets, and black plastic sheets. Then to the builders yard for three 2"x"2 poles to make my bean frame. I am setting them in some old metposts to make them solid. I also bought some of that plastic bean and pea net. It is so cheap I can throw it away at the end of the season if I can't be bothered to clean it of the bines. I probably will clean it though....can't bear waste! I will staple it to the 2x2 posts. I'm not sure what I will support the net along the top with yet. I do have some metal poles that I could fix to the posts, or I might use some old washing line. I intend to grow sweet peas up the framework with the beans...for pleasure!

I also buried some seep hose into the long bean bed. This runs from one of the water butts that harvests the rainwater from the back roof of the house. Hopefully that will save me a lot of carting of watering cans! I really didn't water my beans enough last year and blame that for my iffy harvest!

I also sowed the pomegranate seeds I bought at Wisley last week. I sowed 12 hoping for one plant!!!

Tomorrow DH is out all day so I can't leave my sad little it'll be Friday before I get to the plot again. I'm running out of time for putting in my spuds......but I'll still put them in no matter how late it gets. They'll help break up the ground and then it'll get a good digging in the autumn.

My tomato plants that I put into the ring culture pots in the beds in the tunnel on Tuesday seem to have doubled in size overnight!! They are beautifully sturdy and look healthy. Hopefully they will be good croppers. I have three plants of Yellow Pear, three Sungold, and three Gartenperle, all in the tunnel, and three Gardener's Delight for outside. They'll be in pots for a while yet as even here on the IOW we might get chilly nights for some time yet.

Tomorrow I'll do some photos of the tunnel and the garden, then Friday I'll update with photos of the plot.


At 28/4/06 3:06 am, Blogger patsy said...

we have a pupy and when she is 6 months we are going to have her spad, makes sence, wont have worry with her coming in heat all the time. I lives in california in the 60th and this women had a poddle dog. she had her breed and she had 6 puppies. 2 males and 4 females. One day about a year later I went by and the dogs were making a terrible row, I ask her why and she said one of the puppies was in heat. I said you had better get her away from the male dogs. she said o it ok they are brother and sister. they wont do anything!

At 28/4/06 7:52 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

How many dogs has she got now????????
You'd think that neutering a male dog would make him lose interest....but no! We had Freddie done when 6 months old. Four months later when Lulu came into season he was all over her....we had a hellish 3 weeks of bellowing "NO Freddie!" So....although we were reluctant to risk it with Lulu as she has an enlarged heart from being ill last year, we thought it the lesser of the two evils. And her getting in pup would be a bigger risk anyway. Fortunately she is fine....wants her usual walks and eating very well.

At 28/4/06 1:37 pm, Blogger she who digs said...

Hi Lillymarlene you've certainly been busy. You mentioned a few posts down an allotment DVD. Where did you get it and do you think it might help me get started, please?

At 28/4/06 2:24 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

It is a really good watch......5 1/2 hours of it. It was originally a TV series.....look here for more details
I watch it when I'm ironing!


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