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Thursday, May 04, 2006

I have managed to spend a little time hoeing and weeding the garden veg plot, but not been able to get to the allotment all week. It will probably be next Monday before I can go again. It is tantalising because the weather is so good at the moment.
I had to put a net around the pea side of the bean bed as the cats have ignored the sticks I put in there to deter them from "sitting down" on the newly sown lettuces etc.
I am still picking stones out of the beds and throwing them into the paths between them. At this rate I won't need to buy anything for the paths!

I am a bit disappointed with the paper pots I am using for the courgettes. They are disintegrating. So I have had to wrap further layers of paper around the soggy paper mess hoping I haven't disturbed the roots too much. Hopefully I will soon be able to get them into their final positions.
The ones I am giving to my neighbours will have to go into proper pots soon!
I think next year I will have to make the paper pots from brown paper rather than newspaper! I think that might hold up longer!


At 5/5/06 1:19 pm, Blogger patsy said...

i'll tell you how to make paper pots soake newspaper in water add some flour, cook until it is like paste. you will need some thing to use as a mold ,shape the goop over mold and let try. the flour helps the paper to stick together like glue . my granmother had a flower pot she made that way and it lasted for years.

At 5/5/06 1:34 pm, Blogger patsy said...

this is called paper mache, I looked on the net and found several ways to make paper mache , one suggested soaking the paper in hot water and then put it in a blender and make pulp and cooking flour and water to make the paste, then add the flour glue to paper pulp , enough to make it sticky. any way the thing is to make wood pulp out of news paper and use flour for the paste.

At 5/5/06 7:41 pm, Blogger clairesgarden said...

I use the cardboard from the toilet roll, it disintegrates eventually as well, but hopefully not till planting time!

At 5/5/06 10:31 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Fortunately I used the toilet roll innards for the sweetpeas....they're fine. ow in the garden and doing well.
I put out the courgettes and sweetcorn today. I know that is very early, but the metcheck site gives nighttime temps of over 7degC for the next two weeks, and the likelihood of a frost after that is zilch here on the IOW. So not much of a risk.

At 5/5/06 10:33 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Patsy. I'll have to try that. I have made papermache pots for other things but thought they wouldn't last in the wet....I'll give it a go.

At 6/5/06 2:39 pm, Blogger weirdbunny said...

I just love courgettes, but if you don't check and pick them reguarly you end up with huge marrows. Last year we grew yellow ones as well as green. There's no difference in the flavour but they look nice cooked together.

At 7/5/06 7:15 pm, Blogger she who digs said...

The cardboard tubes from toilet rolls are holding up ok with my later sown sweet peas. I've posted some pictures of my wedding flowers that are all now planted out, so I'm just hoping that we don't get a frost too! I've just got the other pouches to do now- and a million other wedding related things too! He who doesn't dig is very good and is helping an awful lot- but there is so much still to do, which is why I haven't had much time for the plot or blog! SWD

At 8/5/06 7:04 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I used the inners from toilet rools for my sweet peas. They did hold up well and are now in the ground outside doing well still.
I'm watching your efforts with interest!!!


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