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Saturday, April 29, 2006

As promised I've taken some photos of the current state of the kitchen garden at home. On the right you can see the deep beds. They are all netted once planted as we have three cats that will sit on them and use them as toilets!
Some of the beds are still acting as holding beds for the flowering plants that were in part of the plot before I made the deep beds, and are still waiting to be moved one to the flower beds which I am still waiting to find time to make!
In the first bed on the LH side, almost out of the picture , are my broad beans. Not very big yet, but we anticipate a good crop.
The next bed has the onion sets, shallots and garlic. . The next has cabbages and cauliflowers. There is room in this bed for two climbing courgettes which are coming on in the tunnel.
The far right bed has purple sprouting, and brussels so far. It is also waiting for some courgettes. The middle one this side has rows of carrots, sp onions, beetroot and radish. The near bed has some rows of french beans only just one in yesterday and some rows of cut flower seeds which are up but not thinned yet.

This picture is of my herb bed. I dug out the further bit this afternoon ready for some new thyme and mint plants I have ordered from T&M.

This shows how well my courgettes and squash plants are doing in their paper pots. I made these from newspaper following the ideas shown in Wizers blog.

Here you can see the state of my tunnel beds now. The tomatoes are very healthy, the cucumbers not so happy. They are growing but just don't seem to be thriving. The strawberries are flowering profusely. And the peppers and aubergines in the paper pots are very happy too. The cut and come again lettuce is also growing so we should soon have some to eat.

I've been trying for hours to sort out the phots on this no avail! I have another one whch I'll do on a separate entry!


At 3/5/06 1:37 pm, Blogger clairesgarden said...

all your beds look great, I have a problem with the cats getting on the beds too, I tend to leave the fleece on till things are growing well and they don't seem to 'go' in-between bigger plants. just wondering if your dogs ever come out to 'help'? I've had a couple of dogs that used to dig craters every time you turned your back on them.

At 3/5/06 3:21 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

My cats love fleece....they flatten it and sleep on it....over all the squashed plants!
Under the bean row, where I have sowed the lettuce, I put in lots of short sticks to deter them from having a "sit down", but it didn't deter them so now it too is netted!

They also love laying on the plants in the polytunnel I have to start making barriers in there too now I need to leave the door open all day.

The dogs dig up everything, which is why we have fenced the veg plot off from the rest of the garden. Now they lay across the gateway whilst I'm gardening.

We are also doing away with the lawn. I'm fed up with mowing it, and fed up with the holes they dig for me!

At 5/5/06 7:40 pm, Blogger clairesgarden said...

unless you could use their holes for planting things in? I once had a horse get away from me and it charged across somebodys damp lawn leaving deep hoof marks, she came out and said, oh marvellous, i'll just plant some bulbs in those. ha.

At 5/5/06 10:28 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

What a good idea.....but I fear they'd only dig up the bulbs and eat them!


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