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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hours at the plot so far....38 1/2.

I took the opportunity of DH being at home this morning to get him to drive the van down to the plot with a load of old fence posts etc. Then I stayed on and laid the black plastic over the ridges I dug yesterday......5 rows altogether. I'll plant them up tomorrow as today got far too hot for me to do it.

I did manage to mow the back lawn and mulch the cabbages, courgettes and sweetcorn with the mowings. I also moved (inch by inch) an old sink that we brought with us from Kent and which I'd not yet planted up. I put in lily of the valley around three edges, and in the middle and towards the back a lot of old geraniums (pelargoniums) that were getting a bit fed up in their pots. They are ones that I had indoors last year but had spent the winter stood in the sink in their pots. Hopefully they will appreciate the extra room and the more consistent water availability and flower again.

I also cleared the back paved area outside the french windows, weeded and swept, and arranged the table and chairs so that it is pleasant out there in the shade of the house. When the lily of the valley flowers it should perfume the area nicely.

Tomorrow I'll go very early to the plot with the spuds and a watering can and get them in the ground. Then the only reason for going for the rest of this year is maintenance and harvest!!!!! When I have a minute I need to clip the grass path. That will be a hands and knees job as the mower in the shed at the plot is a bit useless, and I can't see DH being happy about taking our motor mower in the van.
Oh I forgot....I still have to prepare the area for the pumpkins....that'll be a breeze compared with the marathon of clearing I have been doing!

I've walked the dogs so now I can sit down for half an hour before DH gets home and needs feeding!


At 11/5/06 7:46 pm, Blogger clairesgarden said...

well done! time for a cup of tea, you have a lot of growing space there, lucky you!

At 11/5/06 9:25 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

BTW I've just downloaded that moon phase thing like on your site, and it worked...except that it doesn't have the word details on it like yours has!

BTW the plot looks big, but is actually about 40 feet by 12! Nothing like the ten rods most people get!

At 12/5/06 5:46 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Just had a thought and then changed the colour of the text!!!!! Black on black...a real dork me!

At 12/5/06 10:47 pm, Blogger weirdbunny said...

Your plot is looking fantastic. I hope you have a calor gas camping stove in your shed to make cups of tea, and a comfee chair for when your tired. (hopefully on sunday I'll put photo's of our veg garden, and poloytunnells on my site)

At 13/5/06 4:46 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

The shed isn't mine, but I do have a key which the plotholder gave me to use. They do have a chair I can use, but no stove. I do sometimes sit with a bottle of water for a few minutes, but I don't hang around there when I'm not digging etc because I leave the dogs in their cages at home whilst I'm there. They'd create havoc if I took them to the site.
I've "favourited" your site and await your pictures!!!


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