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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Monday....too busy! Tuesday....too busy and too much rain! Wednesday....Rain stopped play!
I am desperate to get to the plot and earth up the spuds. I looked at metcheck for the long term forecast, and whilst I was very pleased to see that there is no chance of a frost, I did see that we have more or less this weather...with gales as a delightful extra this weekend....until early Whit week! I must go to the plot tomorrow and make sure my plastic mulch is secure.

At home in the polytunnel I haven't exactly been idle. I've planted up some more pots with annuals. I re-potted my new blueberry plants into bigger pots with ericaceous compost. I also re-potted in ericaceous a large camellia which was getting yellow leaved in its temporary pot. I dug it out of what was flower garden before I did my deep beds. It has flowered profusely, and indeed is still flowering.

Monday I sowed some chard and spinach in the back garden beds. Also some dill and chives in the herb bed.

I finished helping my friend with her pots and have been given a tray of Busy Lizzies as a gift. Now I need to get out in the front garden and put them out...along with my own home-grown annuals that aren't already in the big pots.