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Monday, May 15, 2006

Just closed up the polytunnel for the night (a bit late really as the temperature has already dropped!) and saw that the cucumber has two flowers!! Also, lots of the tomatoes are flowering.
I believe I read that you should pull off the early flowers on a cucumber plant until it reaches a good size. I have never done this and think perhaps I'll try it this year and see if it improves yield.

I didn't go to the plot (well actually I walked through there with the dogs.....the one with the amazing allotment was there beavering away!) as I'm waiting for some rain before digging the bit for the pumpkins. I do need to clip the grass paths, but the next door allotment holder said today that he is going to bring his strimmer (petrol driven) up in a day or two and will do all my paths when he does! A hero!

He was very bemused by my plastic rows. I explained what I was hoping to achieve and he said he hoped it worked because if it does he'll do it next year!!! He's fed up with digging too!

This afternoon I helped a dear elderly friend with the pots on her decking. She had hundreds of bedding plants to go into troughs and big pots. We did about 2/3 of them....I'll finish the job tomorrow or Tuesday.


At 16/5/06 12:13 am, Blogger patsy said...

people who help the eldery are very kind.

At 16/5/06 5:43 pm, Anonymous liz said...

Have just stumbled across your website - great fun. I too have an allotment on the Island, this is my second year and it seems to have taken over much of my life. But isn't it a great feeling to walk past the aisles of 'fresh' fruit & veg at the supermarket knowing of the truly good stuff up at the plot waiting to be picked!

At 16/5/06 5:55 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

It is! Indeed!
Where is your plot? I've seen the allotments at Ryde, but not come across any others yet.....!

At 16/5/06 6:05 pm, Anonymous liz said...

My plot is in West Cowes. Was amazed to discover it while walking round the area shortly after moving here, and then began the arduous task of chasing up a plot. Have only half a plot but cram everything in and is more than enough for me.

At 16/5/06 8:29 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I just looked on Google it one of those around that round Amphitheatre place......? BTW what is that amphitheatre? Is it ancient? I have been coming here for 50 years and lived here for two and never realised there was an amphitheatre there!!!

At 18/5/06 5:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello again - Not an ampitheatre but a Victorian Water Reservoir, which has been emptied for quite some time (tho' of course we could do with it this year!) It is now being used for locals and their children under a Community Project scheme. Allotmenteers cut the grass and we've gained a grant in order to plant shrubs and a sensory garden - if they don't get vandalised!
Am pretty fed up with the weather this year, my crops seem to be at least a month behind, although am about to take my first pickings of Broad Beans which I sowed in November - yippee.
Regards Liz.
PS Hope you receive this OK am not quite sure how to find my way around re. comments. Perhaps I should reply to your most recent posting?

At 18/5/06 8:49 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

You're ok as I am notified by e-mail if someone posts a comment here.
I'm going to have to come and see that reservoir.....fascinating! The garden you're all planning sounds wonderful.....!

At 19/5/06 5:35 pm, Anonymous liz said...

Made it up to plot today - found I needed to tie in/secure a number of plants as this high wind has wreaked havoc. Managed to scrape a green salad together - lettuce, chives, golden marjoram, oregano, coriander, rocket, plus radishes and baby carrots. Also a handful of broad beans - shall relish!
Yes, you must come and visit our plots and see the old reservoir - not much there at the moment tho' would be interesting to have a look.
Regards, Liz.


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