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Friday, May 26, 2006

I wasn't expecting a lovely day today, so it completely took me by surprise. I was able to weed and tidy all the deep beds and get the runner beans (enorma) planted out. I had to sort out all the climbing veg and re wind them onto strings etc. The wind had really battered them.
I also moved the mini plastic greenhouse out of the polytunnel to use as a cold frame for a little while. I have some squash and pumpkin plants for the allotment next week, and lots of bedding plants still to put out .
We had a serving of strawberries from the tunnel....delicious! Supermarket ones aren't a patch on home grown!

I walked the dogs through the allotments and all was well there. Everything growing like mad and looking really healthy. Even the odd spud putting in an appearance in the latest plastic rows I did on the 12th. That's not bad....13 days..
And I'm really impressed with the progress in the two plastic rows I did on the 25th April. They are making lovely little bushy plants. I'm hoping for a good crop there. I think plastic will be my method of choice next year......I'll see what the crop is like before I make up my mind though. ( Haven't I already said that somewhere? LOL)

We have a heavy influx of visitors starting on Saturday so tomorrow I need to do a big blitz on the front flowerbeds. Looks like the allotment will have to look after itself for the next week. I'm not ready to put the pumpkins and squashes out yet so I'm not actually held up. Ten days hardening off should be they'll go in next Saturday I hope!

I'll also be scarce on the internet...I'll miss you all!!!!


At 30/5/06 6:40 pm, Blogger patsy said...

well lilly looks like you have everthing in hand. hope the dogs enjoyed the walk.

At 3/6/06 4:26 pm, Blogger weirdbunny said...

I've finally put some pictures off my garden on my blog today.


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