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Sunday, May 21, 2006

As it's pouring I thought I'd google for more info on The Big Dig. I found that it is on BBC2 on 28th May at 10 to 11am....a whole hour!!!! Apparently it was scheduled last autumn but didn't get a big enough audience so it was pulled!!!! I think they can't have done enough up front publicity because I hadn't heard a word about it!!!! The theme of it is "The Big Dig, a wry look at the ever popular pastime of allotments, contrasting the traditional vegetable growers of South Wales with the nouveau 'allotmenteers' of North London". Looks good!
Another google find....look at this.....! It is a "thumb waterer"! £29 to buy. It is hand-made which justifies the cost....just! But I'm sure that a bit of judicious re-cycling I could make one for myself. I would just have to ensure that the hole at the top was smaller than my thumb pad. I think a plastic bottle and a hot knitting needle are worth a try!
To read more about it go to this site

The Crocus website is obviously catering to yuppies but I must admit I found it had a strong appeal and I was quite taken with a lot of the stuff. It wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be either.


At 22/5/06 1:24 pm, Anonymous Greenhouse Girl said...

Hi Lilymarlene

I’ve seen versions of these ‘thumb waterers’ before and always have these two questions when I see them ..

(1)how many photos had to be taken before the water was delivered to the correct place?
(2)how wet is the surrounding floor?

But I’d love to see if the plastic bottle works just as well ...

At 22/5/06 1:58 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

You may have a point!!!! We'll see...if and when I make one. I'll look for something suitable the next time I go supermarket shopping.

At 24/5/06 11:56 am, Anonymous Jean said...

The Big Dig was "pulled off" after only a few episodes last year -it was shown when most allotmenteers were busy at their lotties!!!
Alas am not really impressed with new timimg as I'm sure most people who work Mon-Fri spent time at W/E's tending their lotties-plus of course it's on at the same time as The Archers omnibus!!!

At 24/5/06 4:46 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I thin it's a daft time too....! And I'm really surprised, given that allotments are apparently the new "sex" that it hasn't been more widely trailed. I haven't seen a word about it in the media.
I hope after all my hype that it is worth it!


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