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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Here is a photo of my Sq Ft Garden as at this morning......! Believe it or not the squares are exactly is a camera distortion that makes them look oblong!
The Front RH 8 squares were sown on the 4th July (10 days ago)...the three behind that were sown 10th July (two days ago)....and the lefthand 4 were sown on the 6th July ( 4 days ago).
They contain (from back left)
1) Lettuce Clarion.....showing after only 4 days.
2) Corn Salad...can't see anything there yet.
3) Beetroot Forono..noything there after only two days as you'd expect.
4) Peas for tips.....nothing to see yet.
5) Radish "China Rose"....likewise nothing to see yet.
Second row
6) Spinach....some showing after 4 days.
7) Raba....Cima di Raba....coming along nicely and thinned already.
8) Turnip Oasis....also doing well and already thinned.
9) Kohl Rabi.....nothing doing there yet....after 10 days!
10) Carrot Autumn King.....lots showing already.
Front row
11) Lettuce Salad Bowl.....seeds coming up nicely after only 4 days.
12) Swiss Chard...a little slower but coming.
13) Pak Choi.....thinned to 4 stations.
14) Fennel....nothing happening here.
15) Bush Bean Purple Teepee....all up....I thought I'd only got 8 but the last one is showing today. I feel these are a bit close but Mel says this many to a square so we'll see! Posted by Picasa


At 12/7/06 5:18 pm, Anonymous Greenhouse Girl said...

Hi Lilymarlene
Just a quick question ... what are the things sticking up in two of the squares? They look a bit like water feeders for rabbits ... is it some sort of watering 'thingy' you’ve set up?
This sq ft gardening looks very interesting ... maybe something for me to consider for next years garden ... mmm

At 12/7/06 7:41 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Those are my net supports. "Good bacteria" yogurty drink cartons on top of green sticks to hold up the net that stops my lazy old cat from sitting on the bare earth.....and digging up the friable earth as a loo!!!!!!
If I'd taken a better photo you'd have seen the ones at the corners too.

I first heard about Sq Ft gardening at Chelsea Garden Show in 2002. One of the Agricultural colleges had a delightful display garden where they demonstrated the method. I had to have the book.....then spent 4 years looking at it and dreaming about it.

I actually tried the system in Kent, in my old garden there, but the dog kept ruining it. Here I have a fence that keeps the dogs out of ny kitchen garden and so am trying it again.

The HDRA website (try the search box) has a very comprehensive guide to it.


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