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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hours at the plot so far......64 1/2. Yesterday I went twice to the plot. In the afternoon I spent a half hour measuring all the different areas and making a chart of what went where this year, and planning out a three area system for crop rotation. In order to make it easy to have 3 equal sized bed areas for the three main food types, legumes, brassicas and roots, I have nabbed another yard of the plot holder's area.
In the evening I went and dug the new bit deeply and removed a stack of bindweed etc. It was rock hard as it is so dry. But now if we have a drop of rain it will penetrate through.
I also ordered some green manures on-line to go into the bits I won't be planting up again until next spring.
At home I bottled up the shallots I have been brining for two days. We got three large pickle jars full.
Today we ate some of the turnips from the Sq Ft garden. Tomorrow I'll be picking some salad leaves from there too. Sown on the 4th July they have done very well! Especially the turnips. Little oasis...about the size of golf balls. Perfect!
In the Kitchen Garden we used the petrol mower to help chop up loads of garden waste. I have borrowed a compost tumbler to see if it'll work quicker than my regular compost "Daleks". I want to buy one if it does work well.


At 9/8/06 8:49 am, Blogger clairesgarden said...

planning, yes, thats the thing that involves those wonderful seed catalouges! yes I like that bit!

At 22/8/06 11:55 am, Blogger Redwitch said...

Hi Lilymarlene, sorry I couldn't seem to post a comment above, so have to leave it here. Lovely photos of the quilt, so much work! Sorry to here your DH is in hospital, hope he gets better soon, take care of yourself. R.

At 22/8/06 1:33 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Sorry about that! When I upload photos using Picasa there is no option for comments so I often forget to go back in with the Edit function. I'll sort it!


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