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Saturday, October 21, 2006

On Wednesday I was at the plot for most of the day because it wasn't as rainy as forecast.

I managed to empty the other compost heap and attempt to knock down the wooden compost containers. Couldn't....! So, contented myself with clearing out the passageway between my plot and the lower plots. Apparently some of those who have to use that way to get to there plots have been grumbling about it being so narrow. it was narrowest where my compost bins were encroaching I felt I ought to move them a foot or so back. The other problem was that the overgrown bit of the path was raised above the level of the bit people use and so it was like a little gully......not any more! Now it is flat and when the grass grows back it will look much better.

At home, yesterday when it did pour, I have been planning the bed arrangement for next year and forever more. I am going to convert the plot to the bed system and that should end the perpetual digging. There will be three beds 3ft x 15ft for each of the three crop rotation categories; a bed for end...comfrey the other; an asparagus bed; and at the top, in the bit which is not mine, but no-one does it, I will make three salad beds that the plot holder can pick from if she wishes. I'll also do a sweet pea wigwam there for her as well. She may not come and take them ....if so I'll have them!

I will be going to mark out all of that the week after next when our visitors have gone home.

Yesterday my new strimmer came. It is re-chargeable with a battery pack which hangs around my waist. I need it for the grass paths which have been difficult to keep down this year. I did clip them a couple of times but that is back breaking. The push mower is for someone stronger than me I'm this little strimmer is the answer....I hope. It has a battery time of an hour maximum. That should be enough. I'll go and try it out permitting.


At 21/10/06 9:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The plan sounds good, very similar to my aspirations but when the time for planting comes it all goes to pot - not literally - but I end up planting what I have ready as opposed to what was intended. Would like to know more about the strimmer. Batteries round the waist ? This is either dodgy or is also helping to keep your weight down !!

At 21/10/06 10:09 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

If you are interested in the strimmer I got it from here.......
(Don't you love the way they spell "strrimers"?!!!!!)
I will get a chance to try it out the week after next....then I'll report back.
I have unpacked it and "built" it......quite simple.

At 21/10/06 10:12 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said... is now £10 cheaper!!!!!! I should have waited a week!

At 1/11/06 2:39 pm, Blogger patsy said...

it is a great time to plan for next years crops.


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