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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Had a chat with the "King" of the plots who said that 58 is one of the worst to sun ...and never been worked properly by anyone. Got a bit despondent. Then the sun came out and I went to the old plot to weed around my brassicas. It was hellishly one ear and out the other stuff.
So I decided to go and look at plot 58. It was sunny, sheltered, dry (the soil didn't stick to my boots) and I turned a few spadefuls of soil. It was easy. It was a bit full of couch, but no bindweed! And when I stood up to ease my back I saw the view. The Solent in all its glory! I hadn't realised it had a view!
I had a good poke round the plot and saw some more surprises......
a hose point on the corner!
a wormery!
the mower looks like it might work!
the herbs are really healthy (might mean it's a bit dry in summer but it also means it isn't too wet in winter).
The place for the shed is a little sun trap in the afternoons!

So.....I think I'll not turn it down straight away. I might do a couple of weeks work on it then make my mind up.


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